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Rent a Bavaria Cruiser 51 in Sardinia

Bavaria Cruiser 51 (2019)

12 pax / 5 cabins


Rent a Lagoon 52 F With Watermaker & A/c - Plus in Sardinia

Lagoon 52 F With Watermaker & A/c - Plus (2018)

14 pax / 8 cabins


Rent a Lagoon 40 Exclusive in Sardinia

Lagoon 40 Exclusive (2018)

10 pax / 3 cabins


Rent a Lagoon 42 in Sardinia

Lagoon 42 (2019)

12 pax / 4 cabins


Rent a Lagoon 400 S2 in Sardinia

Lagoon 400 S2 (2018)

12 pax / 6 cabins


Rent a Dufour 412 Gl in Sardinia

Dufour 412 Gl (2017)

8 pax / 3 cabins


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Boat rental areas in Sardinia

Brief Sardinia Boat Rental Guide

Sardinia is an Italian Mediterranean island, and is one of the best places to spend a few summer days aboard. It has a lot of beautiful beaches with very clean water. You can also find a wide variety of maritime landscapes: from small coves with cliffs and rocks to long sandy beaches, and from calm bays that seem swimming pools to windy places with currents and waves ideal for some water sports. Boat rentals in Sardinia allow you to discover a unique Mediterranean landscape, with pure nature and with the best facilities for sailors.


What to do in Sardinia?

Certainly being in contact with the sea is the best thing to do on this island. Along the entire coastline there are many marinas from which you can sail with your rental boat in Sardinia. In addition, there are beaches and other places that can only be accessed with a boat and other very difficult to reach by land. Porto Cervo (and the entire Costa Smeralda) is one of the favorite places for the celebrities to relax in summer and certainly the best place to sail and enjoy the super yachts that moor there. Isola dei Gabianni is one of the best places for surfing and windsurfing. Also in the north, the Maddalena is a beautiful natural area. From there you can see the neighboring island of Corsica and even sail to it, since it is located approximately 10 nautical miles away.

Furthermore, Sardinia is a large island in which you can do activities on the mainland. For thousands of years different civilizations and cultures have lived on the island, so it is possible to find megalithic tombs as the Tomb of the Giants or towers known as Nuraghe, and medieval churches, castles and fortifications. The architecture of Cagliari and Alghero, among other cities, is worth seeing. Furthermore, both on land and on the cliffs you can visit caves and other natural attractions.


Sardinia Beaches

The beaches of Sardinia are different east and west, but they are all clean and perfect for relax in their waters. In addition, most of them allow anchoring, and it is ideal if you have chosen boat rentals in Sardinia. The east and north beaches are usually small and with a pristine appearance. Many of them are between high cliffs or surrounded by forest. Costa Smeralda ones are a must due to the original emerald color of its waters. To the west, however, the beaches can be much longer and dominated the dunes. The following are some of the best beaches of Sardinia that you can visit if you travel to the island.

- Cala Goloritzè

This beach is located on the west coast, in the Gulf of Orosei. It lies at the foot of cliffs and the waters here are of a beautiful turquoise blue. A perforated rock gives it its unique and original look. Cala Marilou, with similar characteristics, is a few meters to the north. These are some of the best beaches that you can access with boat rentals in Sardinia, since it is much easier to reach them by sea.

- Pelosa

Pelosa is a beautiful beach on the northwest point of the island. It is located in front of Piana Island and its main feature is that there is little depth in the water. This is why you can see the white sand depths under the clear blue water. Furthermore, in a nearby islet there is a fortification of the sixteenth century.

- Porto Pino

The long beach of Porto Pino is southwest of Sardinia. It is a white sand beach with large dunes and desert vegetation typical of other Mediterranean spots. It is a place frequented by tourists and it has several resorts.

- Costa Smeralda

Internationally renowned for being the summer resort of the world’s jet-set, the Costa Smeralda has so many wonderful beaches that it is impossible to choose just one. It is located northeast of the island, and some of its populations are Porto Cervo, Olbia or Cala di Volpe. It is ideal for exploring by boat rentals in Sardinia because only then you can access all its beaches. Emeralds and totally clean waters and the Mediterranean landscape will make Liscia Ruja, Grande Pevero, Capriccioli and many others the best beaches you have ever seen.


What to eat in Sardinia?

The cuisine of Sardinia has many characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine and Italian cuisine. It is remarkable the use of fish, meat of the island cattle and many vegetables. On the island you can see vineyards where the grapes to produce the local wine are grown.

As in the rest of Italy, pasta is eaten in Sardinia and there are varieties typical of the area. The most important are Culurgioni, similar to ravioli and stuffed with cheese and vegetables and Malloderus, a type of gnocchi with stripes and served with cheese, tomato and meat. Furthermore, in Sardinia they produce artisan coldmeats and high quality cheese. Some of the Sardinian products are sausages or pecorino cheese, with sheep milk.

As for seafood, it is very easy to find fresh seafood in restaurants and coastal markets. Pasta dishes or other dishes with clams are popular, and also shellfish broiled or grilled. Also the bottarga, dried fish roe, thinly sliced ​​and dressed is popular. Oily fish, lobster or the skate are some of the seafood consumed in Sardinia.


Weather and Navigation in Sardinia


- Boating Season

The boating season in Sardinia, as in the Mediterranean, is between May and September. In these months the temperatures are warm, there is little rainfall and sea has the optimal conditions for sailing. It is also when Europeans have vacation, so tourist destinations are very frequented. It is advisable to book in advance if you choose boat rentals in Sardinia in order to ensure the availability of your favorite boat.

- Temperature

Sardinia enjoys the Mediterranean weather in all its splendor, so summers are hot and winters are mild, but temperatures are more moderate than in other parts of this sea and rarely exceed 30°C in summer. The normal range in the boating season is to be between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

- Rainfall

Rainfall is rare in Sardinia throughout the entire year. In the summer months there are only a few days of rainfall. The rainiest months are October, November and December, but the values ​​are still below the ones in other parts of Europe.

- Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in Sardinia corresponds to the western Mediterranean. The values ​​are ideal if you have chosen boat rentals in Sardinia in summer, since the water is usually between 21 and 25 degrees, so it is nice to swim in the Sardinian coast. In winter the lowest sea temperature is 14 or 15°C.

- Wind

In Sardinia, Mistral wind is cold in winter but cools the environment in summer, drying the air and creating a pleasant climate. The prevailing winds on the island are from Northwest. During the boating season they does not usually exceed 20 to 25 knots, and often are around 10, so they are ideal for sailing comfortably.


How to get in Sardinia


- By Plane

The island of Sardinia has three international airports that make the plane the best way to reach the island. These are the airports of Olbia Costa Smeralda (OLB) Alghero-Fertilia (AHO) and the capital, Cagliari (CAG). You can reach Sardinia from Italy and from almost all European countries: Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland, Estonia, Belgium, Russia, Bosnia, Belarus, Croatia, Luxembourg and Lithuania. In addition, there are seasonal flights to Tel Aviv, Dubai and Tunisia.

- By Boat

Another way to travel to Sardinia chosen by European tourists is by boat. There are ferries that connect the cities of Cagliari, Porto Torres or Olbia to other places in Italy like Sicily, Rome or Naples. There are also regular lines connecting Porto Torres by sea to Corsica, Marseille and Barcelona.