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Rent a Dufour 412 Grand Large in The Bahamas

Dufour 412 Grand Large (2020)

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Rent a Lagoon 450 in The Bahamas

Lagoon 450 (2018)

9 pax / 5 cabins


Rent a Lagoon 40 in The Bahamas

Lagoon 40 (2020)

6 pax / 3 cabins


Rent a Bali 4.1 in The Bahamas

Bali 4.1 (2020)

8 pax / 4 cabins


Rent a Lagoon 42 in The Bahamas

Lagoon 42 (2018)

8 pax / 5 cabins


Rent a Bali 4.1 Owner Version in The Bahamas

Bali 4.1 Owner Version (2019)

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Brief Bahamas Boat Rental Guide

The Bahamas are an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, located north of the Caribbean. However, because of its geography and its beaches it can be considered very similar to the countries in the Caribbean Sea. The Bahamas consist of over 700 islands and islets, many of them uninhabited. In addition, some are only visible with low tide. The main islands are Nassau, Andros, Grand Bahama and The Abacos, among others. But among all those that form the archipelago you can find the one you like or sail them all. So we encourage you to know this paradise of unparalleled beauty with boat rentals in the Bahamas.


What to do in the Bahamas?

Without a doubt, the best thing to do in the Bahamas is enjoying the sea. The waters are so clear in this paradise that you can see up to 60 meters deep at a glance. So you can discover the flora and fauna harbored in their waters. Also, the archipelago has one of the largest coral reefs in the world. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling or finding old ships sunk in the depths. Also there are many blue holes and caves where you can go into. Long Island has the Dean’s Blue Hole, the world's deepest, over 200 meters.

Eco-tourism is also a very popular choice in the Bahamas. You can discover its rich biodiversity and see dolphins, turtles, rays and many other marine animals, as well as hundreds of bird species. On land there are also plenty of activities. One of them is the Junkanoo, a carnival held at Christmas. Still, there are small exhibitions along the whole year. You can also enjoy traditional music and a special and unique cuisine.


Bahamas Beaches

With so many islands and islets, the Bahamas have hundreds of beaches. In this archipelago the sand is completely white in many places, and in others it has a light golden or pink tone. The islanders show off their waters as the clearest in the world, and they probably are. Swimming here is like being in paradise. If you like lively places, you will find large beaches near urban areas and marinas, with all the amenities you can imagine. And if you are looking for the tranquility of an island by yourself, you can navigate thanks to boat rentals in the Bahamas and choose a deserted beach to spend a few hours. Here we suggest you some of the best beaches in the Bahamas.

- Pink Sands

In Harbour Island there is the Pink Sands Beach. As its name suggests, the sand has a curious pink color that makes it special. The water is very warm, so it is a pleasure to swim in it, and the sandy area has 3 kilometers long, making it very quiet.

- Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay is the most famous beach in the Bahamas. It is located in the center of The Abacos and has many facilities for sailors close to it. You will find a large marina and many amenities if you have decided to opt for boat rentals in the Caribbean.

- Gold Rock

Gold Rock is one of the long white sand beaches you can find in the Bahamas. It is located south of Grand Bahama Island and it is adjacent to Lucayan National Park, so there is an imposing vegetation standing from the edge of the sand.

- Dean's Blue Hole

There are many beautiful beaches on Long Island, but the Dean's Blue Hole is the most surprising one. People who cannot swim and young children must stay away from the hole and just stay where the water is shallow. However, if you can swim properly or you like diving, it is a place you cannot miss.


What to eat in the Bahamas?

As in the Caribbean, Bahamas cuisine is influenced from different continents and cultures. Also, here a lot of the ingredients are imported from Latin America or the United States. Still, they have many own traditional dishes, plenty of which are based on fish and seafood.

Bahamian national dish is conch. It can be eaten raw with a squeeze of lemon and deep- fried, or even boiled or stewed. This mollusk is present in many dishes, from soups and salads to burgers. Other typical fish and seafood of this archipelago are crab, lobster or grouper.

The most popular meats are chicken, pork and goat, the latter being a regular in the Caribbean cuisine. There are a lot of tropical fruits that are eaten in the Bahamas, such as guava, soursop, papaya and sapote. Coconut water and fruit juices are some of the most refreshing drinks you can find sailing the Bahamas.


Weather and Navigation in the Bahamas


- Boating season

Bahamas boating season is much longer than the Caribbean one. Winter is the most popular time to go, as it coincides with the coldest months in Europe, America and many other places. You can sail almost all year, however, in the summer you should be aware of the weather because you can be surprised by a storm. Hurricanes can also happen in the Bahamas, between June and November. So if you prepare your journey in advance, it is best to avoid the hurricane season, because if there is one, it is not possible to navigate.

- Temperature

Bahamas temperatures are very pleasant all year round, and a little cooler than in the southern Caribbean. In the winter months, temperatures are approximately between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius. In spring and summer they do not usually drop below 20 degrees throughout the day, and often exceed 30°C between June and September.

- Rainfall

May and June are the wettest months in the Bahamas, although in this archipelago it rains all year. This makes it have a lush vegetation. However, this should not be a concern cause. The rain is usually short, taking a few minutes a day. The rest of the time you can enjoy a fully sunny weather. It is also important to know that in the northern islands it rains the double than in the southern part of the archipelago.

- Sea Temperature

Bahamas sea temperature is warm and appealing. If you have chosen boat rentals in the Bahamas, between November and May you will find temperatures between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius. In the warmer months, the water temperature is around 28 or even 29 degrees.

- Wind

The Bahamas, as the Caribbean, are blessed by the trade winds, which make the atmosphere warm and pleasant year round. The major winds blow from east (northeast and southeast) and during the day they have a 15 knot strength. In winter the wind direction can vary more frequently than in the warmer months. The winds of 30 knots or more are rare, but they may happen in the northern islands of the archipelago during the winter.


How to get in The Bahamas

- By Plane

The Bahamas have several airports in the islands, and certainly this is the best way to reach the country. There are three international airports, which are the Nassau Lynden Pindling (NAS) in the capital, the Exuma (GGT) one and Freeport (FPO), on Grand Bahama. Nassau can be reached from several cities in the United States and also from Panama, United Kingdom and several Caribbean islands. Smaller airports serve domestic flights and many of them have also flights from Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) in Miami. The airport on the island of San Salvador (ZSA) has regular flights to the United States and charter flights to Paris and Montreal.

- By Boat

If you are traveling from the United States, you can reach the Bahamas by boat. There are cruises and ferries connecting Nassau and other cities with Florida. It is a good choice if you come from this American country and you have chosen boat rentals in the Bahamas, because once you are in there, you are in the port and you can set sail with your rental boat.