About BoatBureau

BoatBureau was created in 2011 in Barcelona, in order to facilitate all types of clients the possibility of renting a boat online to sail in any part of the world. At the same time, we provide nautical charter companies a platform where they can promote recreational boats at international level.

How do we achieve that? Our mission is based on three pillars:

Provide our clients with a wide offer of boats online, from the best suppliers in the world.

Provide an updated web platform with the immediate availability of boats that allows you to book online.

Guarantee an excellent service, managed by an expert team of assessors that will assist you in a personalised way.

We are different since the people that work at BoatBureau make the project of this company unique and special. We are efficient, ready to listen, we seek innovation and excellence, and we work in a fun and engaging way.

Furthermore, a relationship of trust and fluid communication with our suppliers permits us to guarantee a transparent and quality offer.

Thanks to all of this, we have the privilege of planning the holidays of thousands of clients that rigorously assess our service, which constitutes the basis of our ongoing improvement.