FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General questions

  • What can I expect as a client?
    1. Finding the boat according to your expectations.
    2. A clean boat on the arrival.
    3. Getting the keys where and when agreed.
    4. Enjoying all the benefits that the boat was advertised to have in BoatBureau.
  • What if something unexpected happens?

    If something unexpected happens, please email us or call us. Remember that we are at your disposal to help you with anything.

  • Is the mooring included in the price?

    This information is specified in the tab of the boat. However, usually depending on the fleet and its location, the rental price includes the mooring in the base port.

  • Is smoking allowed on board?

    Normally smoking is prohibited in the cabins and inner areas. In most boats, it is allowed to smoke in the cover. However, you will have to verify this with the owner of the boat.

  • How does the key handover work?

    The handover of keys should be agreed with the owner beforehand.

  • Are towels and sheets included in the price?

    It depends on the type of boat and the owner. To be sure, you have to check the information of the boat where this is specified. If it does not appear, please contact BoatBureau.

  • Can I take pets on board?

    That depends on the owner. What you have to do is check if the information is specified in the boat's file, in the extras section.

  • What kind of boat should I charter?

    That all depends on you. Your must ask yourself a series of questions to be able to decide what kind of boat you are looking for. Examples of questions might be like: how many people are you sailing with?, How much space and comfort would you like?, etc. Whatever your needs may be, BoatBureau is sure to have a boat that is right for you.

  • Will I need a skipper?

    This depends on your sailing experience. There will be boats where the information will specify that you require a qualification to navigate. If you do not have this, it is required and reasonable to rent a skipper. Keep in mind that sailing certificates can vary by country.

  • Can I afford renting a boat?

    Yes you can. The cost per person of renting a boat is usually equal or less than the cost of going to a hotel or taking a trip, but with more comfort and no crowds. That is the reason why renting a boat is a unique and unbelievable experience.

  • What type of equipment will I find on board?

    All equipment you will find will be the one specified in the basic data of the boat shown in BoatBureau. If you rent a boat and the information posted on the website does not really fit the truth, please contact BoatBureau and we will find a solution.

  • Do I have to provide food and a bed to the skipper?

    Yes, of course. This means that if you buy food, keep in mind the skipper. In addition, the skipper tends to occupy a cabin to sleep, but also can sleep in the salon (if the skipper sleeps in the convertible salon, means that he/she will occupie two places). That is, the skipper is one more person added to the group.

  • How much water can the boat take and what happens if is finished?

    The capacity of the water tank of the boat varies depending on the size. In the tab of each boat, the capacity is specified. If the deposit gets empty, you have to go to the port to reload it.

  • To stay overnight, should I always moor in port?

    It is not necessary as along the coast there are frequent natural shelters, such as creeks or bays, where you can spend the night perfectly. In fact it is an experience recommended and something that you cannot miss.

  • What time can I board?

    The time to "check in" and "check out" has to be specified by you to the owner of the boat after setting forth the details of the rental. The time is usually adapted to the client's needs.

  • What is the price of the skipper?

    The price usually is 150 € / day + expenses.

  • Is the price of gasoline included? What is the cost?

    There are several products that you can book on the webpage so it is possible that there is a product that includes gasoline, but gasoline is usually paid aside as a general rule, and that will involve the following:

    Fuel consumption depends largely on the type of boat and especially on the engine of the vessel, that is:

    • If you hire a sailboat and sail, gasoline consumption is minimal (although it depends if the wind blows).

      On the assumption that you navigate a sailboat with an engine of 30 to 40 horsepower, maximum consumption can be 10 liters per hour. (About 10 euros per hour of navigation)

    • But if you sail with a motorboat with two engines of 200 horsepower each one, you could spend about 45 liters per hour. (About 45 euros per hour)

      Through a simple rule of three you can estimate the expenses on gasoline.

      Note: These data should be understood as approximations to reality and it does not constitute an objective statement of reality because there are many factors to take into account not covered by the above provisions.

  • If the weather conditions are not right can I get the money back from the reservation/booking?

    Generally, money is not paid back. What is usually done is to change the dates of the reservation.


  • How much does BoatBureau cost?

    Both the register and the use of the webpage are totally free. As a client, you will never have to pay any service of this webpage.

  • Why are the prices so different?

    The prices of the boats are very different for many reasons. Depending on what type of boat it is, prices vary. They also vary depending on the time of the year. For example, the price will be more expensive during the summer because the weather is warmer and therefore there is more demand.

  • When do I have to pay the charter?

    If the booking is made more than one month in advance, will be required a 50% deposit and pay the remaining balance at least 5 weeks before the charter starts. If the booking is made within less than 4 weeks before the charter starts, the total amount of the charter must be paid during the booking confirmation.


  • What do I have to do if I have questions that I want an answer before making the booking?

    First of all, check if the information you need is specified in the boat you want to rent. If that information does not appear, please do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk of BoatBureau.

  • Can I cancel or change my booking through Boatbureau?

    In case you want to cancel or modify your booking, you must contact the BoatBureau team.

  • Do I have to leave a deposit?

    The owners may request a deposit. Such deposits must be handled directly between you (the customer) and the owners in the base. The depositis must be provided during the check in and is returned when the charter ends.

  • Why I can not call the owner?

    You can only contact to the owner once it has been formalized the rental request. Once you have made this request, you can specify with the owner all details.

  • What happens if the owner cancel the booking?

    If the owner cancels the booking after you've already paid all or part of the price:

    • Try to reach an agreement with the owner.
    • In case you do not reach an agreement (which is quite unlikely), please call us as soon as possible. BoatBureau team is here to help you and find the best solution.
  • Do I have to register to make a booking request?

    In order to process the bookings safely and improve the transparency, we need you to create a BoatBureau account. This also allows you to keep track of your reservations in our system and allows us to provide you the best possible care.

User Accounts

  • Why should I add my phone number?

    You must submit a valid phone number to your account for both BoatBureau as the boat owner can get in touch with you.

    To add your phone number, go to user zone > Edit account. Choose your country from the drop down menu (the prefix automatically appears) and enter your phone number.

  • How can I delete my account?

    Currently it is only possible by contacting the helpdesk of BoatBureau. We inform you that you can always contact the team of BoatBureau to answer your questions or concerns.

  • What happens if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password, click on the "Sign In" (located at the top of the web page). Once clicked, you will find the link "Forgot your password". Once clicked, just have to follow the instructions. Also, you can contact the support team of BoatBureau.

  • How can I change my password?

    To change your password, you only need to access to your account, go to "Edit Account" and there you will find the option to change it.

  • Why didn't I receive any email of confirmation?

    It is possible that the notification or verification e-mail has been flagged as spam or junk. You can avoid it deleting our messages in your list of spam and add our address info@boatbureau.com to your address book.



  • What does BoatBureau do with my personal information?

    BoatBureau adopts a responsible and serious position on the owner's privacy. If you want to know exactly what we do with your information, please carefully read the privacy policy of BoatBureau.

    If you receive spam from another member of BoatBureau or involving breach of Payment Service , please notify us of this.